December 17th, 2011

A Brutal End-of-Year Self-Assessment


I attended a special needs Christmas party last night and left with a knot in my stomach. Most of the people looked like this.

I rode home thinking about all of the bellyaching and complaining I had done this past year. “Why is this month’s royalty check so small? Why am I not yet #1 on the chart? Why don’t these people have the decency to return a simple phone call? Who blocked the street off? Why is gas so high? Why did my friend lie? Why did my kids disregard my instructions?”

I just took for granted I’d wake up in the morning and be able to think and see and have the activity of my limbs. No one had to wheel me around or take me to the toilet. I just assumed God would bless me to deal with bigger problems than that.
Sitting there last night I was reminded there are no bigger problems than drooping over and slavering down the side of a wheel chair, hoping someone will be kind enough to feed you, and trying to keep your bowels in at least until the program is over.

“Oh Lord, forgive our arrogance, forgive our assumptions, forgive our ungratefulness. Bless those who have real problems. Touch them with your mighty hand of mercy, in the name of Jesus … Amen.”

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