October 28th, 2011

Matching Generational Skills

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Your Business, Your Vision, Your Team Members…

Do All Three Match?

Choose a market that is compatible with your organization’s unique competencies. This means pursuing a product or service niche which matches your passion and interests, as well as those of your employees. This is so important and requires an extended discussion.

Always Match The Generation With The Required Skill Set

A lifestyle tradition for many females from the Baby Boomer generation was to curl up in front of the fireplace with a good book, eagerly preparing for the chance to discuss the characters and plot with other avid readers and friends.

Today, however, most internet-driven Xers and Millennials are less inclined to read long documents. They run from offerings such as Leo Tolstoy’s 1400-page novel, War and Peace. And their “short” reading is done on an iphone or Kindle.

With an employee lineup of Xers and Millennials, it wouldn’t make good business sense to open a bookstore. No one would want to engage in the fundamental task of reading. No one would have a passion for the product. It would be the same as putting an old Traditionalist behind the counter in an AT&T phone store, or trying to get Xers to sell cigarettes. The employees in the organization need to match the niche you intend to pursue.